*Registration is on a first received, first enrolled basis until the maximim for class is reached.  

*Submit a separate application for each child.

*Registration & tuition fees are non refundable 

Full Payment is due at time of Registration unless a prior payment arrangement has been made 
& may be paid online.  
You may also mail your payment to  1403 LONG VIEW, PEARLAND TX 77581
If you elect to mail your payment and it is not received within 5 business days of your date of registration, your placement in Class will be withdrawn.  
Please include your child's name with your mailed payment.

*MONTHLY PAYMENTS are PAID BY the first of the month. 

*There is a $40.00 fee for returned checks.  Please make all checks payable to THE PURPLE BOX  THEATER

If your child is enrolled in a theater Class, they are expected to finish the season as they have been given a specific role for them and there is no registration that takes place after a show is cast, so therefore no one else to take on the role your child has

*If your child is enrolled in any class  and decides to drop the class, a 30 day written notice to our administrator MUST be given
you are responsible for payment until your notice is given and 30 days has passed 

*The Purple Box Theater reserves the right to cancel or combine classes and curriculum, instructors, rehearsals & performances.

*No one is allowed in theater space without appropriate PBT personnel

*Only registered students may attend class

*Non registered students are not allowed to be left at theater

*Students are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to start of class-Please wait in lobby until your class is called

*Students are to be picked up PROMPTLY after end of class

*Frequent tardies and absences may result in the removal of a student from his/her role or from workshops

*PURPLE BOX promotes theater as an art form not only to its actors/students, but also to the community at large. 
As such, articles, brochures, videos and websites may be used either promotionally or educationally and may include images of PURPLE BOX actors/students or other participants in our programs.
By Registering in any of our programs, you permit the use of your daughter/son or yourself's image to be photographed, videotaped or otherwise recorded for use in PURPLE BOX THEATER'S publicity or educational materials. 
These materials include, but are not limited to, photographs of classes, performances and rehearsals, The PURPLE BOX Theatre’s internet webpage and Facebook page, and videos of classes, performances or rehearsals.