David Schultz (Howard Holt)
David regularly performs at community theaters throughout the Houston area. He has done many shows at Purple Box, including The 6th TrumpetAugust: Osage County, and Deathtrap. As always, he thanks the cast and crew for their energy and enthusiasm and his family for their love and support. Special thanks to Cathy for handling tech while recuperating, and Rhonda for directing us with patience and wisdom.

Gina McPherson (Karen Holt)
Gina is a Theater Arts Major and graduated from University of Central Florida. A few of her recent roles here at Purple Box have been Shamar in The 6th Trumpet and Karen in August : Osage County. She had the pleasure of getting to play that role twice here! A few more of her past favorite roles are Christine in The Bad Seed and Latrelle in Sordid Lives. Gina has also starred in various commercials, television specials and many plays during and after college. She is a busy and proud Mom of two daughters, one attending Texas A & M University and the other, a junior in high school. Gina is happy she gets to fulfill her passion in Theater. Enjoy the show tonight!

Kyla Mora (Inspector Davies)
Kyla teaches literature at Robert Turner College and Career High School who enjoys writing and acting in her free time. Her most recent performance was in Other Desert Cities at Purple Box Theater. She would like to thank her wonderful husband for putting up with long rehearsal nights; her family for coming to see this play; and you, for supporting community arts and theater!

Mylana Valdina (Julie Grant)
Mylana has been at the Purple Box Theater for more than half her life. She has spent years in the teen performing classes and had been given the incredible opportunity to be a teacher at the theater as well. This is Mylana’s first play at the theater since she recently graduated from high school and she is so happy to get to be back on the stage again! She has performed in countless shows here at the theater such as Into The Woods (Lucinda), Next to Normal (Natalie), The Little Mermaid (Flounder), and Barefoot in the Park (Corie) and she is excited to work with this incredible cast!

Phil Connolly (Will Purdie)
Believe it or not Phil has acted before. Yep! Right here in this theatre. Many times. His fav role was playing Col. Jessup in A Few Good Men :) I'd do it again :) Phil would like to thank Rhonda and Cathy for selecting me, and for all of their wisdom, support and understanding.

Priscilla Anderson (Miss Cunningham) 
Recently relocated from north Texas, Priscilla is delighted to be closer to grandkids and to be performing in her first show with Purple Box Theatre. In a prior life (before Covid), she played Mrs. Bracknell, Abby Brewster, Macbeth's First Witch, and other crazy old ladies. Priscilla now lives in Friendswood with her very handsome and talented husband, Seamus.

Katie Reed (Stella)
Katie has been acting since she was a child. Her recent productions include: Other Dessert CitiesLittle Mermaid and Christmas 9-1-1 at Purple Box, A Wrinkle in Time at PLT; and A Murder is Announced at CCCT. Theatre has been more difficult during Covid, but we have all learned to appreciate it even more. We need art!



STAGE ASSISTANTS:  Ashlynn Moore & Mylana Valdina

LIGHTS & SOUND:  Cathy Holbrook

CONCESSIONS:  Amanda Moore

FRONT OF THE HOUSE:  Rhonda Bailes & Cathy Holbrook

A Mystery Thriller by Leslie Sands

The action takes place in the living room of a converted 
toll-house in Essex.  The time is the present.

ACT 1:  A Night in September

ACT 2-SCENE ONE:  A few days later


ACT 2-SCENE TWO:  Some Weeks Later

ACT 3-SCENE ONE:  Shortly afterwards
ACT 3-SCENE TWO:  The next morning